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Willpower is defense against spirit based attacks. While the player has willpower available, spirit damage is applied to willpower instead. Using willpower charms in battle develops the Iron Will combat skill. Not every charm that gives willpower actually has a willpower rune. The following list, however, includes the charms that will actually enhance Iron Will through use.


Name Requirements Information
  Level Dex Pow Int Con Skill 1 Skill 2 Rune 1 Rune 2 Type City
Mind Shelter 14             Willpower   Treasure  
Calm Spirit 15             Willpower   Craft  
Earth Caress 16   51   71 Earth R1   Earth Willpower Craft  
Fiery Caress 16   69 53   Fire R1   Fire Willpower Craft  
Frozen Caress 16 73     49 Frost R1   Frost Willpower Craft  
Holy Caress 16     63 59 Holy R1   Holy Willpower Craft  
Lightning Caress 16 51   71   Lightning R1   Lightning Willpower Craft  
Shadow Caress 16 47 75     Shadow R1   Shadow Willpower Craft  
Shakanite Blades 16 71   51   Twinblades R1   Twinblades Willpower Craft, Guild  
Shakanite Claymore 16 65 57     Sword R1   Sword Willpower Craft, Guild  
Shakanite Knuckles 16   55 67   Fist Weapons R1   Fist Willpower Craft  
Shakanite Mace 16     51 71 Mace R1   Mace Willpower Craft, Guild  
Shakanite Reaper 16   73   49 Axe R1   Axe Willpower Craft, Guild  
Shakanite Spear 16 55     67 Spear R1   Spear Willpower Craft, Guild  
Shakanite Chest 16         Armor R1   Armor Willpower Craft, Guild  
Shakanite Talisman 16         Ward R1   Ward Willpower Craft, Guild  
Warrior's Will 17             Willpower   PVP Craft  
Luminous Idea 19     84   Iron Will R1   Willpower   Craft  
Meditation 20             Willpower   Treasure  
Duelist Mind Focus 22             Willpower   PVP Craft  
Flexible Headband 25             Willpower   Shop  
Gemmed Skull Helm 25     54 54 Iron Will R1   Willpower   Guild  
Cast Darkness 26 121 169     Shadow R2   Shadow Willpower Treasure  
Lance of Stability 26 130     160 Spear R2   Spear Willpower Treasure  
Horned Scepter 26         Iron Will R2   Willpower   Craft  
Honor Memento 27         Iron Will R2   Willpower   PVP Craft  
Glyphed Helm 28         Ward R2   Ward Willpower Treasure  
Tellium Crown 30             Willpower   Shop  
Azure Ring of Hope 31     199   Ward R3 Iron Will R3 Ward Willpower Treasure  
Soul Healing 31     206 192 Holy R2 Iron Will R1 Holy Willpower Craft  
Challenger's Psychic Shield 32     127 127 Armor R2 Iron Will R1 Armor Willpower PVP Craft  
Challenger's Relic 32         Iron Will R3   Willpower   Craft  
Demonic Will 34         Iron Will R1   Willpower   Rare  
Alloyed Tellium Helm 35             Willpower   Shop  
Mace of Perseverance 36     223 313 Mace R3 Iron Will R1 Mace Willpower Treasure  
Earth Embrace 36   223   313 Earth R3   Earth Willpower Craft  
Fiery Embrace 36   304 232   Fire R3   Fire Willpower Craft  
Frozen Embrace 36 322     214 Frost R3   Frost Willpower Craft  
Light's Embrace 36     277 259 Holy R3   Holy Willpower Craft  
Shadow Embrace 36 205 331     Shadow R3   Shadow Willpower Craft  
Shakine Claws 36   241 295   Fist Weapons R3   Fist Willpower Craft  
Shakine Daggers 36 313   223   Twinblades R3   Twinblades Willpower Craft  
Shakine Greataxe 36   322   214 Axe R3   Axe Willpower Craft  
Shakine Hammer 36     223 313 Mace R3   Mace Willpower Craft  
Shakine Lance 36 241     295 Spear R3   Spear Willpower Craft  
Shakine Scimitar 36 286 250     Sword R3   Sword Willpower Craft  
Thunder Embrace 36 223   313   Lightning R3   Lightning Willpower Craft  
Shakine Crystal 36         Ward R3   Ward Willpower Craft  
Shakine Defender 36         Armor R3   Armor Willpower Craft  
Star Necklace 40             Willpower   Shop  
Chromatic Boots 40         Ward R4 Iron Will R2 Ward Willpower Craft  
Glorious Keepsake 40         Iron Will R4   Willpower   PVP Trader  
Glorious Resolve 40     197 197 Iron Will R2 Strengthening R1 Willpower Buff PVP Trader  
Death Plate 40             Armor Willpower Deathknight  
Dark Robes 40             Ward Willpower Inquisitor  
Unyielding Will 40             Willpower   Berserker  
Worship 40             Ward Willpower Hierarch  
Black Pearl Ring 41 290 290     Spirit Breaker R4 Iron Will R3 Spirit Willpower Treasure  
Six-Points Crystal Ward 41       348 Ward R5 Iron Will R4 Ward Willpower Treasure  
Soul Warden 41   348   348 Summoning R2 Iron Will R4 Summon Willpower Craft  
Mind Cheer 42     384 359 Holy R3 Iron Will R3 Holy Willpower Treasure  
Shield of the Brave 42         Armor R4 Iron Will R3 Armor Willpower Treasure  
Claws of Dark Wisdom 42   361 442   Fist Weapons R4 Iron Will R2 Fist Willpower Treasure  
Runed Spear 42 361     442 Spear R4 Iron Will R1 Spear Willpower Treasure  
Jade Earrings 42     248 248 Iron Will R4   Willpower   Craft  
Tiara of Strong Belief 43         Iron Will R4 Strengthening R2 Willpower Buff Craft  
Cerulean Rod 43 335   469   Lightning R4 Iron Will R2 Lightning Willpower Craft  
Emblem of Command 44         Iron Will R4   Willpower   Guild  
The Iris of Cerpathos 45         Iron Will R5   Willpower Buff Rare  
First Aid 47     522   First Aid R1   Willpower Tech Treasure  
Battle-Wrought Mace 47     435 609 Mace R5 Iron Will R5 Mace Willpower Treasure  
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