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This page is for compiling a list of various pages that need to be filled in, fixed, updated, or whatever in order to improve the wiki.

Needs To Be Done

  • Several Items need to have templates
    • It might be time to revise the item template
  • A decision should be reached on the topic of Quest spoilers (see coordination forum thread)
  • New charms need to be added to the info lists. See Patch Info for a list.
  • A "How To" note should be written about how to create/modify a wiki page, explaining templates used, pages to be updated, policy about spoilers...
    • Remaining: Charm Design
  • The following templates need to have their information filled in:
    • All of them except Axe
  • Broken Shard is not listed in the Alchemy table.
  • Add Charm list for job-only skills. For example, Premonition requires Divination(1), Cataclysm requires Chaos(1). I do not know what else is missing. The skill pages do not have a Charm list like most Combat skills.