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  • Put all Adventurer's Diaries into Category:Adventurer's Diary
  • Link all Dungeons to their respective Diary
  • Remove duplicate lore information from Dungeon pages
  • Convert all Charms to Template:Charm2
  • Create Charm pages for Gold Basilisk Charms
  • Create Charm pages for Green Drakeling Charms
  • Split Grip of Despair into 2 Charm pages

Hi Toshimo. I'm not sure we want to convert all the charms to the Template:Charm2 format. I think the vague consensus on the forum wiki coordination thread was to use the more "wiki-like" charm template that does not have the black background. --Freyajack

I agree, don't convert the format to template:charm2 ! Everything about the charms is okay and doesn't need that big change... And remember that black background = big no. Also, I already rewrote 95% of lore from dungeon pages to adv. diaries and changed the format of dungeon pages. Some Diaries are still missing though, and I can't fill them -> no highlvl char. `Szymon