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  • A Guild In Estiah
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The Win-Only Riders Clan aka TWORC appeared in 2001 on the game Battlemail[1], a very basic online game which happened to host an extraordinary community. There TWORC illustrated itself less for its competitive spirit (even if it was definitely there) than for its good mood and good humored members.

There the clan also made itself a bunch of long time friends like the several members of the Wolffestar Clan [2] playing today in our ranks.

After Battlemail the win-only riders have been seen in numerous games like Neorift[3], Ambar, Travian[4], ... but also other games like Guild Wars[5] [6], World Of Warcraft[7], Flight Simulator[8], CS: Source,... and finally other supports than PC[9] (or Mac) as you can now find us on XBoxLive[10], Nintendo WiFi[11] and PSN[12].

Learn more about TWORC checking their forum: The Lost Forum [13]


The religion of The Win-Only Riders Clan is called Winonism. Its Church is leaded by the Winonist Archbishopric and feared because of the Winonist Inquisi†ion. As the proverb says: "No one expects the WOR Inquisi†ion". It's then a wise choice to revere the goddess Winona[14] if you don't want to see them appearing suddenly from the shadows...

The Church is also well known for some delicious altar wine which are often served at the Spanked Donkey Inn[15]. These wines offer also a very wise and safe choice to the visitor not yet used to the Q-Shooters the riders are so found about.


To join The Win-Only Riders Clan you have to register on The Lost Forum[16] and introduce yourself in "The Reception" forum. Don't forget to mention you're playing Estiah if you want to join the guild here.

It is not anymore mandatory but if you want to know how much you're WOR. You can pass Yomghee's test[17].

Regarding the Estiah guild itself, we welcome anyone who is here to have fun, and fun first of all. Though the competition is not forgotten and members of the guild are asked to be active. After one month of inactivity you will be kicked out of the guild.

Members are also asked to participate in the different TWORC private forums dedicated to Party Dungeons[18] and GvG Squad tactics[19]


Guild Master

  • Chevalierbayard


  • Seth
  • Ramolo
  • Yadhar
  • Nephysis
  • Hiddenhmong
  • Icejr
  • Nhofszandz
  • Baskerville
  • Liewen
  • Biggazza
  • Daemoklez
  • Morloch


  • Timeb
  • Sybil
  • Marineguy
  • Evilmonkey
  • Samhain
  • Architect


  • Batcat
  • Wolfblooded
  • Duzal
  • Valsu
  • Frungy
  • Georgelopez
  • Cornelius
  • Pitebroute