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Name Requirements Information
  Level Dex Pow Int Con Skill 1 Skill 2 Rune 1 Rune 2 Type City
Worn Leather Chest 1             Armor   New Character  
Leather Pants 2             Armor   Shop  
Bronze Helm 2             Armor   Treasure  
Rat Cloak 3             Armor   Craft  
Hardened Leather Chest 5             Armor   Shop, 2, Treasure  
Captain's Hat 5             Armor Ward Rare  
Helm of Narrow Vision 5             Armor   Craft  
Yeti Fur Cloak 6             Armor Ward Rare  
Battle Shield 7             Armor   PVP Craft  
Battle Protection 7             Armor Ward PVP Craft  
Cold Bronze Chest 7 17     11     Armor Frost Treasure  
Stone Spark 9   15         Armor   Craft  
Bronze Shield 10             Armor   Shop, Treasure  
Iron Kneepad 10             Armor   Craft  
Warden Spear 12 33     41 Spear R1   Spear Armor Treasure  
Glyphed Shoulderpads 12             Armor Ward Craft  
Brawler's Armor 12             Armor   PVP Craft  
Ornate Bronze Shield 13             Armor   Craft, Guild  
Ornate Ring 13             Armor Ward Craft, Guild  
Strengthened Chest 15             Armor   Shop  
Terrine's Heavy Shield 15         Armor R1   Armor   Rare  
Terrine's Wide Helm 15         Armor R1   Armor   Rare  
Dark Iron Suit 15         Armor R1   Armor   Craft  
Singing Shield 16         Armor R1   Armor   Treasure  
Shakanite Chest 16         Armor R1   Armor Willpower Craft, Guild  
Spiked Helm 17         Armor R1   Armor   Craft  
Warrior's Legplates 17         Armor R1   Armor   PVP Craft  
Steel Legplates 20             Armor   Shop, Treasure  
Golem Shield 20       61 Armor R1   Armor   Treasure  
Heart of Grimox 20         Armor R1   Armor   Rare  
Hold Position 20       118 Armor R1   Armor   Recruit  
Winter Crest 22         Armor R2       Treasure  
Duelist Chest 22         Armor R2   Armor   PVP Craft  
Duelist Shoulderpads 22 72     72 Armor R1   Armor   PVP Craft  
Duelist Plate Armor 22     72 72 Armor R1 Ward R1 Armor Ward PVP Craft  
Basilisk Scale 23       70     Armor Ward Rare  
Defend Position 23       152 Armor R2   Armor   Recruit  
Steel Chest 25             Armor   Shop, 2  
Living Armor 25         Armor R2   Armor   Rare  
Skull Shield 26         Armor R1 Spirit Breaker R1 Armor Spirit Treasure  
Full Tellium Plate 26         Armor R2   Armor   Craft, Guild  
Helm of Repentance 26         Armor R2   Armor   Craft  
Stone Shoulderguards 27       130 Armor R2   Armor   Craft  
Honor Legplates 27         Armor R2   Armor   PVP Craft  
Guard Position 27       202 Armor R2   Armor   Recruit  
Air Wall 28         Armor R2 Ward R2 Armor Ward Craft, Guild  
Blacksand Shield 28         Armor R2 Ward R2 Armor Ward Craft, Guild  
Tellium Shoulderpads 30             Armor   Shop  
Elemental Link 30         Armor R2 Ward R2 Armor Ward Rare  
Monk Calling 30             Armor   Monk  
White Shield of Duty 31       199 Armor R3   Armor   Treasure  
Challenger's Armor 32         Armor R3   Armor   PVP Craft  
Challenger's Shield Toss 32 127     127 Armor R3   Armor   PVP Craft  
Challenger's Psychic Shield 32     127 127 Armor R2 Iron Will R1 Armor Willpower PVP Craft  
Monk Fistwall 33             Armor   Monk  
Grand Shield 34       144 Armor R3   Armor   Treasure  
Shadowspawn Shell 34         Armor R2 Ward R2 Armor Ward Treasure  
Minstrel Slippers 34 280       Armor R4 Quickness R2 Armor   Craft  
Tellium Shield 35             Armor   Shop  
Blinding Shield 36             Debuff Armor Craft  
Shakine Defender 36         Armor R3   Armor Willpower Craft  
Steel Rush 36         Armor R4   Armor   Craft  
Prismatic Charge 37         Armor R3 Ward R3 Armor Ward Rare  
Monk Protection 37             Armor   Monk  
Chromatic Helm 39         Armor R3 Ward R3 Armor   Craft  
Reflecting Greaves 39         Armor R3   Armor   Craft, Guild  
Mithril Helm 40             Armor   Shop  
Glorious Protector 40         Armor R4   Armor   PVP Craft  
Dense Mithril Legplates 40         Armor R4   Armor   Guild  
Death Plate 40             Armor Willpower Deathknight  
Assassin's Cloak 40             Armor Ward Assassin  
Slayer's Garb 40             Armor Ward Slayer  
Lord's Armor 40             Armor   Warlord  
Shield Blow 40             Armor   Warlord  
Ice Shell 40             Armor Ward Warden  
Black Belt 40             Armor Ward Champion  
Holy Shield 40             Armor Ward Paladin  
Sacred Defense 40             Armor   Paladin  
Dense Mithril Chest 41         Armor R4 Ward R3 Armor Ward Guild  
Aura of Preservation 41             Armor Ward Paladin  
Bracers of the Deep Sea 41         Armor R4 Ward R4 Armor Ward Treasure  
Shield of the Whale 41       348 Armor R5   Armor   Treasure  
Glyph of Protection 41         Armor R4   Buff Armor Treasure  
Gauntlets of the Basilisk 41       255 Armor R4 Ward R4 Armor Ward Craft  
Shield of the Brave 42         Armor R4 Iron Will R3 Armor Willpower Treasure  
Echo Shield 42         Armor R4   Armor   Treasure  
Dragon Aegis 42 186   186   Armor R4 Ward R4 Armor Ward Craft  
Ruler's Helm 42 227   227   Balance R2   Armor Ward Craft  
Jade Shield 42 248     248 Armor R4   Armor   Craft  
Nerman's Defender 43         Armor R4   Armor   Rare  
Iron Skin 43             Armor   Warlord  
Suncharged Bracers 44       288 Armor R5   Armor   Treasure  
Gorgon Shield 44         Armor R5   Armor Spellbreaker R1 Treasure  
Pyric Charge 44         Armor R5 Ward R5 Armor Ward Rare  
Engraved Shoulderpads 44         Armor R5   Armor   Craft  
Void Cloak 44       360 Armor R5   Armor Debuff Craft, Guild  
Earthgod Sigil 44   388   388 Armor R5 Earth R5 Armor Earth Craft  
Titan Shield 44         Armor R5   Armor   Craft  
Emblem of Support 44         Armor R4   Armor   Guild  
Providential Bulwark 44             Armor Ward Paladin  
Twitching Sphere 45         Armor R5 Ward R5 Armor Ward Treasure  
Florian's Utopia 45         Armor R5   Armor   Rare  
Star Gauntlets 45         Strengthening R2 Summoning R2 Armor   Craft  
Desperate Fortress 46         Armor R5 Ward R5 Armor Ward Treasure  
Jade Gauntlet 46 492       Armor R5   Armor Ward Treasure  
Divinium Glyph 47         Armor R5   Armor   Treasure  
Templar Knight Shield 47         Armor R5 Ward R5 Armor Ward Rare  
Accoutrement of Misery 47         Armor R5 Ward R5 Armor Ward Craft  
Microgyne Refractor 47         Armor R5   Armor Tech Craft  
Crystal Dragonfang 47 469     574 Spear R5   Armor Spear Craft  
Grand Hoplon 49         Armor R5   Armor   Treasure  
Pure Vita Earrings 49         Strengthening R3   Buff Armor Rare