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"Master of creatures great and small, the Summoner scoffs at debuffs as its horde of minions smite their opponents and protect their master from harm. The summoner also commands the powers of Earth, crushing unprotected opponents with ease."

Class Details

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Former Wizard, Cleric
Promotion None
Specialization Constitution, Power, Summoning
Techniques Various attacks and sap based on summons
Guild Hall Nether Portal in Eversweep


To specialize in this class, player's character has to meet the following requirements.

Level 40
Class Wizard OR Cleric
Attribute 380 Constitution, 270 Power
Skill Command 1, Summoning 2, Earth 3, Sap 1
Trial Perseverance, Ruse

Class Charms

Crafted at the Summoner Trainer found in Eversweep.

Summoner Charms By Level
Name Level Required Summon's Abilities Duration Other Effects
Summoner's Mark 40 +4 to the duration of your summons
30 Ward
Mana Beast 40 13 Magic or Destroy 22 Ward 8
Soul Wraith 40 1 Spirit 5
Rock Elemental 40 22 Armor (cumul) or 22 Ward (cumul) 10
Black Creeper 41 13 Melee or -18 to target's next melee 8
Will O'Wisp 41 Focus: 5 7
Blood Golem 42 25 Melee or 25 Magic 4 Lose 10 life
Blessing of the Earth 43 Heal 150 damage and 9 Willpower
[Target enemy with highest level]
Heal 80 damage and 6 Willpower
Resonance 44 +2 to the duration of your summons
(Target all allies) [For each summon on self]
+2 to melee (ongoing) and +2 to magic (ongoing)
Mana Drake 45 15 Magic or Destroy 27 Ward 7 15 Magic