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Spirit is the maximal number of charms you can hold in a gear. Using up all charms in a fight will result in a loss by exhaustion.

Increasing Spirit

Spirit Attacks

Some charms deliver spirit attacks. Rather than causing damage to the opponent's hit points, spirit attacks force an opponent to discard a charm from his gear for each point of spirit damage dealt. A significant number of spirit attacks can cause an opponent to run out of charms to play and subsequently lose the fight.

Willpower helps defend against spirit attacks. When an opponent plays charms that give him willpower points in battle, spirit attacks will first be counted against Willpower points before spirit damage is applied. Willpower is similar to armor or ward, but protects spirit rather than hit points.

Note that certain enemies in Estiah's dungeons have infinite spirit and cannot be defeated through exhaustion.

Spirit attacks in a battle help develop the Spirit Breaker combat skill.


The term "spirit turtle" is sometimes used to describe a player whose gear set up is designed to win by forcing exhaustion. These gears typically consist of mostly defensive and spirit attack charms and deal little hit point damage. The intent of the gear is for its user to survive long enough to force his opponent to run out of charms and lose.


Quick list

Name Requirements Information
  Level Dex Pow Int Con Skill 1 Skill 2 Rune 1 Rune 2 Type Gold
Mind Flay 15             Spirit   Rare  
Ghost Francisca 16   73   49 Axe R1   Axe Spirit Treasure  
Ghost Halberd 16 55     67 Spear R1   Spear Spirit Treasure  
Ghost Hand 16   55 67   Fist R1   Fist Spirit Treasure  
Phantom Glow 16     63 59 Holy R1   Holy Spirit Treasure  
Phantom Thunder 16 51   71   Lightning R1   Lightning Spirit Treasure  
Mind Resonance 17             Spirit   Rare  
Warrior's Presence 17             Spirit   PVP Craft  
Dark Shakanite Daggers 18 89   63   Twin Blades R1   Twin Blades Spirit Craft  
Dark Shakanite Hammer 18     63 89 Mace R1   Mace Spirit Craft  
Dark Shakanite Sword 18 81 71     Sword R1   Sword Spirit Craft  
Dead Ash 18   63   89 Earth R1   Earth Spirit Craft  
Dead Flame 18   86 66   Fire R1   Fire Spirit Craft  
Dead Ice 18 91     61 Frost R1   Frost Spirit Craft  
Evil Glare 19 72 72     Spirit Breaker R1 Ward R2 Spirit   Craft  
Duelist Mind Blast 22 72 72         Spirit   PVP Craft  
Mind Spike 25 54 54     Spirit Breaker R1   Spirit   Guild  
Axe of the Martyr 26   174   116 Axe R2   Axe Spirit Craft  
Spear of the Martyr 26 130     160 Spear R2   Spear Spirit Craft  
Gloves of the Martyr 26   130 160   Fist R2   Spirit   Craft  
Shadow of the Damned 26 116 174     Shadow R2   Shadow Spirit Craft  
Thunder of the Damned 26 121   169   Lightning R2   Lightning Spirit Craft  
Light of the Damned 26     150 140 Holy R2   Holy Spirit Craft  
Soul Ash 26   121   169 Earth R2   Earth Spirit Treasure  
Soul Flame 26   164 126   Fire R2   Fire Spirit Treasure  
Skull Shield 26         Armor R1 Spirit Breaker R1 Armor Spirit Treasure  
Mind Domination 27 104 104     Spirit Breaker R2   Spirit   PVP Craft  
Memory Loss 28 144 144     Spirit Breaker R2   Spirit   Craft  
Mind Piercer 28 116 66   149 Spear R2 Spirit Breaker R1 Spear Spirit Craft  
Shadow Whisper 30 137 200     Spirit Breaker R1 Shadow R2 Spirit Shadow Craft, Guild  
Power Corruption 30         Spirit Breaker R2   Spirit   Rare  
Chaotic Desire 31         Remorseless R1   Debuff Spirit Rare  
Challenger's Pressure 32 127 127     Spirit Breaker R3   Spirit   PVP Craft  
Shadowspawn Fang 34   200 248   Fist Weapons R2 Spirit Breaker R1 Fist Spirit Treasure  
Mind Blast 34 200 200     Spirit Breaker R3   Spirit   Craft  
Soul Cry 35 169 169     Spirit Breaker R2   Spirit   Craft, Guild  
Chaotic Shadow 36 223 313     Shadow R3 Spirit Breaker R2 Shadow Spirit Treasure  
Voodoo Head 38 149 149     Spirit Breaker R3   Spirit   Treasure  
Withering Touch 38 199 298     Shadow R3 Spirit Breaker R3 Shadow Spirit Craft  
Nightmare 40 197 197     Sap R1 Spirit Breaker R3 Spirit Debuff PVP Craft  
Soul Feast (x5) 40             Spirit   Deathknight  
Searing Mind (x5) 40             Spirit   Inquisitor  
Soul Wraith (x2) 40         Summoner   Summon   Summoner  
Black Pearl Ring 41 290 290     Spirit Breaker R4 Iron Will R3 Spirit Willpower Treasure  
Mind Cry 41             Spirit   Deathknight  
Earth Dragon Crown 42 186       Spirit Breaker R3   Spirit Ward Rare  
Woeful's Whip 42 187 187     Spirit Breaker R4   Spirit   Treasure  
Psychic Cry 42 227 227     Spirit Breaker R4   Spirit   Treasure  
Jade Skull 42 248 248     Spirit Breaker R4   Spirit   Craft  
Looming Terror 42 372 372     Spirit Breaker R4   Spirit   Craft  
Hand of the Lich 42 310 434     Spirit Breaker R4 Shadow R4 Spirit Shadow Craft  
Colithon Skull 42 310 310     Spirit Breaker R4   Spirit   Craft, 2  
Face Melt 42             Spirit   Inquisitor  
Soul Harvest 43 335 335     Spirit Breaker R4   Spirit   Craft  
Blightwood Talisman 44         Empowerment R3 Spirit Breaker R5 Spirit Buff Rare  
Robes of Majesty 44         Spirit Breaker R4   Spirit   Rare  
Death Spin 44 345 345     Spirit Breaker R5   Spirit   Treasure  
Aura of Darkness 44 360 504     Spirit Breaker R4   Spirit Shadow Treasure  
Demoniac Deal 44             Spirit   Deathknight  
Terrible Idea 45 462 462     Spirit Breaker R5   Spirit   Treasure  
The Eye of Cerpathos 45         Sap R3 Spirit Breaker R5 Spirit Buff Rare  
Fateful End 46 410 410     Spirit Breaker R5 Iron Will R3 Spirit   Craft  
Curse of Pandamius 47         Spirit Breaker R5   Spirit Debuff Epic, 2, 3  
Gloom Knell 47 295 295     Spirit Breaker R5   Spirit   Rare  
Ritual Mask 47 522 522     Spirit Breaker R5   Spirit   Treasure  
Vicious Circle 47 522 522     Spirit Breaker R5 Shadow R5 Spirit Shadow Treasure  
Soulcleaver 49 620 543     Sword R5 Spirit Breaker R5 Sword Spirit Craft  
Fate of Acamar 50 604 604     Spirit Breaker R5   Spirit   Epic  
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