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"Imbued with the force of lightning, Slayers excel at keeping their enemies focused and favor charms that always strike where their opponent is weakest. Poisons, buffs and summons are all easily countered by the Slayer's unique charms."

Class Details

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The Slayer image
Former Shaman, Sage
Promotion None
Specialization Intellect, Dexterity, Lightning
Techniques Shifting damage, targeting expert
Guild Hall Elemental Armory in Zeal


To specialize in this class, player's character has to meet the following requirements.

Level 40
Class Shaman OR Sage
Attribute 380 Intellect, 270 Dexterity
Skill Reflexes 1, Spellbreaker 1, Balance 2, Tactician 2, Twinblades 3, Lightning 4
Trial Trial of Insight, Trial of Salvation

Class Charms

Slayer Charms By Level
Name Level Required Melee Damage Magic Damage Shifting Damage Special Targeting Other Effects
Slayer's Blades 40 23 (45% P) 27 (25% P) Highest Willpower Focus: 10
Mana Rupture 40 Reduce duration of Auras and Summons on target by 5
-28 to next Magic
Sky's Revenge 40 47 (25% P) Highest Armor Focus: 12
Slayer's Garb 40 69 armor
69 Ward
Cleansing Dance 41 All Allies Reduce duration of Banes by 5
32 armor, 22 Ward
Thunderfangs 41 59 (20% P)
True Sight 42 26 (20% P) Highest HP Self Purge
Slayer's Sigil 43 39 (25% P) 59 shifting defense
Energy Bloom 44 26 (25% P) Steal target's damage modifiers
Self Normalize
Slayer's Crest 45 25 (45% P) 34 (25% P) Focus: 10 (Cumulative)