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The Quick Lists are templates providing a visual compilation of related charms in order to prevent readers from having to click on several links in order to compare related charms. The design of quicklists is ongoing.

Velkrin's Guide to Quick Lists (As of May 29th, 2009):

Click edit and copy this:

Be Sure to Change This
Name Level Required Effects Main Stat Secondary Stat Tertiary Stat Other Effects
Rat Cloak 182 Con

Read but don't copy (onto a template at least) this:

Misc Stuff
Class Related

1. Weapon/Magic charms first with P% descending, then other charms. This overrides #1. 2. At least one column should be devoted to class abilities, if any. (eg: Scout's Banes, Slayers special targeting)
3. Class charms should be grouped together, and then descend by level. The exception to this is Tier 3 classes, which go by level due to reduced number of charms and harder level gain.
4. Typically you don't want a column for anything that doesn't appear in at least 2 charm sets (6 total) for Tiers 1 and 2.

Table Related

1. Melee goes first, then Magic.
2. P% goes up top for weapon lists (eg: Spear, Axe). Things that typically follow suit. If the P% is different, note it next to the damage.
3. Last row should be 'Other Effects'. What actually goes in there is debatable.
4. Charm combos should be a link. [[The name of the combo goes here|and "Charm Combo" (no quotes) goes here]]. For multiple possible combos, number them.