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Engaging others in PvP battles is a great way to raise your PvP rating, test your gear, train skills, and earn soul pieces to craft strong charms.

AP Cost

The AP cost of a PvP fight depends on your opponent's level:

  • 10AP: attack a player at, or below, your level.
  • 9AP: attack a player one level higher than you.
  • 8AP: attack a player two levels higher than you.
  • 7AP: attack a player three or more levels higher than you.


Each day you can skirmish fourty times. A skirmish does not count on your win-loss PvP record, nor is it reported to the player you skirmished. Skirmishing is a good way to scout an opponent's gear or to provide feedback on your own gear's effectiveness.


Rating will only be adjusted if you are within 3 levels of your opponent. The amount of rating gained or lost depends on the difference in rating between the two players. If the defender is bountied (see below) and loses, there is a chance he will lose 1-3 points from his max rating.

Rating serves no real purpose in the game, except for achievements and the Highlord title.


If you defeat a player with a bounty set on him, you will receive 1/5 of the base amount of that bounty. Players with a bounty will show up on the Bounty Board (City's menu). If there is a character with a bounty, they will be listed on the Outlaw Hunt on the Action Menu.


The Coliseum allows 8 battle groups compete in a tiered competition. There are no action points used in the Coliseum, however there is an entrance fee (level*7 gold) for each battle group. There are three types of battle groups; One on One (1v1), Two on Two (2v2), and Three on Three (3v3). The 2v2 and 3v3 battle groups allow you to create a party with a password.


The only way to get Soul pieces (with the exception of Soul Harvester's Lab) is to attack other players and, obviously, win. Those unique items are used in the PvP shops, which are located in the safe cities (Inachis, Lumina and Zeal), to craft powerful charms. There are multiple factors that determine what you get from a PvP fight:

  • If you outlevel your opponent, there is a chance that you will not get an item. Slaying equal-leveled or higher opponents guarantees a drop.
  • Until level 20, PvP items only come in one type: Soul Dust for 1-9, and Soul Fragment for 10-19.
  • Level 20 and onwards brings us colored soul pieces. These colors are dependent on the opponent's class. For instance, a Scout will drop a Green Soul Shard, Recruits drop Brown, and so on. You can fight level 20+ Adventurers for White PvP items, but generally the easiest way to get them is to distill the colored ones.
  • In addition, every T3 class drops one of two colors of PvP items. The colors they drop depend on the stats used for their main rune. Example: Warden -> Frost -> Dex/Con -> Green/Brown.
  • Gathering is simple for colors: You simply get a level-appropriate White soul piece.
  • What type of item you get is still bound by level: Soul Shard for 20-29, Soul Gem for 30-39, and Soul Crystal for 40+.
  • Level 50+ characters have a rare chance of dropping a color-appropriate epic gem shard instead of a Soul Crystal.

PvP Craft Shops

PvP Reset

From the bunny's mouth:

k, i'm gonna explain this again, i can't find my old post.

day 1 you firstly play on estiah
day 1, 11:00 you log in, the server remembers your last login as "day 1, 11:00"
day 1, 12:30 you gank nipal, diminishing return is enabled for nipal
day 1, 15:00 you log in, dr is still up
day 2, 10:00 you log in, gank lezard, diminishing return is enabled for lezard
day 2, 13:00 you login, it's more than 24h than your last login, so pvp reset, all diminishing returns are cleared, last login is remembered as "day 2, 13:00"
day 2, 13:30 you can gank both nipal and lezard, even you just ganked lezard three hours ago

so it's actually based on "last login" which is not your "actual last login" really. i know it's quite awkward, you just
have to know that we did this for performance's sake and there are many other things happening at login too.

PvP Unique Skills

  • Recklessness - Play no Armor nor Ward runes.
  • Courage - Attack and defeat an opponent that has at least a two level advantage.
  • Cruelty - Attack and defeat an opponent that you have at least a four level advantage over.
  • Bounty Hunter - Attack and defeat an opponent that has a bounty. You can only have up to a one level advantage on them.
  • Self Defense - Be attacked and win a PvP fight.
  • Outlaw - Against someone that is within one level of you, be attacked and win a PvP fight while you have a bounty.