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Congratulations, you have just adopted your very first pet!

Pets are animals that you are taking special care of, and which you can send to different competitions like Pet Racing and Pet Fighting. You can decide to abandon it and adopt a new one at any time, but the first one will then be lost forever.

Your pet has its own characteristics that rise when you feed it. You can give it something to eat every two hours, but each pet have its favourite food and some aliments can even lower your pet's stats. You'll have to learn to give it what it really likes.


Your pet's mood will rise when you feed it with the right stuff, and will decrease for each competition it is taking part in. An unhappy pet will refuse to run or to fight, so keep an eye on this.

Possible moods are (from best to worst): Energetic, Cheerful, Satisfied, Relaxed, Stressed, Morose, Sulking, Depressed

Note: a piece of Vitaminized Candy will always help.

Available Pets

For the list of available pets see: Category:Animal

Pet Runes

On the bottom of the screen, you will see runes which represent the moves your pet knows. Those are used only for the animal fighting event, and in the order set in this screen. You can change the order as you like by dragging around the runes. Your pet can also learn new moves if you feed it with Feral Runes that can be bought in most cities.

List of available feral runes and their location:

Rune Base Price Cities Available In
Feral Rune: Earth 90 Gaea's Dawn
Feral Rune: Buff 225 Gaea's Dawn
Feral Rune: Frost 40 Zeal
Feral Rune: Shadow 40 Eclis, Inachis, Zeal
Feral Rune: Ward 60 Aleas, Eversweep, Skyrift, Zeal
Feral Rune: Twinblades 50 Eclis, Inachis
Feral Rune: Lightning 40 Eclis
Feral Rune: Mace 90 Windscar
Feral Rune: Axe 40 Wildhowl, Windscar
Feral Rune: Armor 60 Inachis, Lumina, Wildhowl
Feral Rune: Holy 50 Lumina
Feral Rune: Spear 40 Lumina
Feral Rune: Sword 90 Eversweep
Feral Rune: Debuff 225 Night Tear, Triland
Feral Rune: Fist Weapon 40 Aleas, Draka
Feral Rune: Fire 40 Draka, Night Tear, Skyrift
Feral Rune: Spirit Ghost Powder Eversweep, Skyrift
Feral Rune: Tech Champonara Inachis, Lumina, Wildhowl
Feral Rune: Willpower Oniris Pollen Wildhowl
Feral Rune: Summon Folly Pepper Aleas, Eclis, Eversweep, Skyrift