Pet Racing

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Everyday animals from every corner of the world are gathered to race against each other, and the winner can bring immense glory to its owner!

Choose an animal from your inventory, pack it with some items to boost it, and you are ready for the race!

General Info


Obtainable achievements:

  • So It Can Do Something After All (10 pts) - Win a Pet Race
  • Crossing the Finish Line Under the Crowd's Applauses (10 pts) - Win 10 Pet Races
  • The Faster it Runs, the More Tender the Meat Will Be (10 pts) - Win 50 Pet Races
  • It Broke the Sound Barrier! (10 pts) - Win 100 Pet Races


  • Animals may be found after event fights or purchased from the markets.
  • Boosters may be any non-charm item in your inventory, with varying results.
  • Races take place four times a day.