Patch Notes/26-09-09

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  • Forcefield... fails less (+1 duration)
  • Duration of Curse of Pandamius reduced by 1
  • Decoy now only works with allies
  • Gloom Knell now only gives 16 armor and ward
  • Changed wordings on charms that have effects based on the last rune played


  • The servers were upgraded for less lag during peak hours.
  • The effect of some items on pets has been altered.

Bug Fixes

  • The following achievements were fixed:
    • I Passed (Would sometimes not be awarded if Unity was the last Trial)
    • With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies (Could be obtained if Dijn triggered all the combos)
    • I Got An A for Chemistry (Now you must win to get the achievement)
  • Fixed the Chest Mimic's extra action charms.
  • Fixed the requirements of Tied Sword