Patch Notes/20-07-09

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  • Extra Actions no longer reduce the duration of banes.
  • Captain's Hat lowered to 7 Armor (cumul)/7 Ward (cumul)
  • Scout charms with banes had their durations decreased by 1
  • White Sealing Orb lowered to 26 healing
  • Forest Medicine bane reduction improved to -3
  • Forcefield duration reduced by 1, consumes 8 Ward for every 24 Ward you have, and now has the Debuff rune
  • Void Cloak now consumes 1 Armor for every 3 Armor you have and has the Debuff rune


  • Gear Builder completely revamped. You can now sort charms by rune, offense, defense, and various special effects. You can also archive charms directly from the builder.
  • Incomplete parties for Coliseum and various raids are deleted after one week.
  • Sweet Brownie, Scroll of Teleport, and Medal of Courage no longer consume your daily item use.
  • The Sell button now selects all of the item you have by default.
  • Locked items can no longer be used as pet food or a building booster.

Bug Fixes

  • Extra Actions no longer persist through death
  • Fixed a bug preventing a player from attacking a higher level player despite sufficient AP if they had less than 10
  • Projections no longer consume "to next" damage modifiers