Patch Notes/14-06-10

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  • Crafts added to various high-level shops around Estiah.

A list of the charms added This was not included in the patch notes.

Wisdom, Cemetary Stalker, Gentleman's Sport, Ivory Needles, Axe of the Remorseless, Buried Knowledge, The God's Promise, Frigid Twilight, Painsoaker, Maul of the Indefatigable, Menacing Stormfront



Bug Fixes

  • Whirlwind fixed to inflict a lot less damage to the user.
  • Fixed the effect of the Ice Prince's Frozen World. Again.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the [Fight] button disappear from the PvP page when trying to fight a character that had left the city.


  • New jobs and Academy classes added.
  • New items added to shops.