Patch Notes/06-09-09

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  • The damage formula has been reviewed. Damage modifiers will no longer be reduced when used on charms with Penetration. Instead, the penetration will be reduced.
  • Drains will now use 65% of damage modifiers, up from 50%.
  • Incandescence now has a curse attached to it.


  • Guilds can now build Training Grounds, officers can start Intersquad Training, where squads from the guild fight each other.
  • Guild battles now award more GHP.
  • The amount of points contributed by recycled squads in guild wars has been lowered.


  • The PvP page has been redesigned, now with filters for level, rating, and bounties. Pagination has also been added so you can see all the targets in a town.
  • New elixirs can be created in the T3 guild halls. Despite their heavy cost, these elixirs will allow you to better manage the growth of your character.
  • Players up to level 5 are now able to select a Mentor from their character screen, even if they didn't pick one when registering.
  • Several new achievements have been added. These are the achievements from the 12th Contest.
  • A few new emotes have been added.
  • A few new Jobs have been added.
  • New monster icons have been added.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Curse duration would not be reduced on Extra Actions.
  • Fixed the effect of Onyx Spellblade.