Patch Notes/06-08-10

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Big Fixes


  • The grouping interface has been upgraded. In addition, the coliseum stability has been upgraded to reduce the amount of parties that fail to enter.
  • Six new chapters have been added to the Chronicles of Estiah.
  • The skill History is no longer a requirement for the academy job "Literature Class 3"

New Charms

'The following information is not included in the patch notes. It is provided here for easier dissemination into the appropriate pages of the wiki. Barbed Throwing Axe, Seduction, Magic Shackles, Pacify, Empathy, Subjugate, Essence Drain, Blood Aegis, Antique Breastplate, Alesian Halberd, Riot Blade, Infuriating Slap, Sapping Floe, Voltaic Constriction.