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"Inquisitors prefer alternate methods of combat, and are the masters of defeating enemies over time by magic poisons or heavy spirit damage. The Inquisitor's selection of utility charms augment these two strategies, creating a unique and dangerous opponent."

Class Details

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Former Wizard, Shaman
Promotion None
Specialization Power, Dexterity, Shadow
Techniques Damage over time, High spirit damage to target without willpower
Guild Hall Chamber of Torment in Aleas


To specialize in this class, player's character has to meet the following requirements.

Level 40
Class Wizard OR Shaman
Attribute 380 Power, 270 Dexterity
Skill Remorseless 1, Persuasion 1, Spirit Breaker 3, Sap 2, Shadow 4, Cruelty 1
Trial Domination, Ruse (must have Marks in inventory)

Class Charms

Inquisitor Charms By Level
Name Level Required Item to Craft Required Magic Bane Damage Spirit Other Effects
Black Torture 40 Mark of Ruse
x1 for a set of charms
(+10k gp)
12 (50% P) Bane during 8 turns
Inquisition 40 Mark of Domination
x1 for a set
(+10k gp)
+4 to the duration of target's Banes
Searing Mind 40 Mark of Perseverance
x3 for a set
(+6k x3 = 18k gp)
1 Bane during 5 turns
Dark Robes 40 Mark of Faith
x3 for a set
(+6k x3 = 18k gp)
69 Ward
5 Willpower
Darkness Falls 41 Mark of Unity
x5 for a set
(+4k x5 = 20k gp)
7 (40% P) [Target All Enemies]
Increase duration of banes by 1, Bane during 5 turns
Deep Shadow 41 Harvester Insignia
x5 for a set
(+5k x5 = 25k gp)
6 (80% P) Destroy 65 Ward
Bane during 8 turns
Face Melt 42 Alchemist Insignia
x5 for a set
(+10k x5 = 50k gp)
1 [If target's willpower is 0]
4 Spirit
Dark Siphon 43 King Insignia
x5 for a set
(+15k x5 = 75k gp)
9 (25% P) Drain Bane during 7 turns
Curse of Flesh 44 Life Insignia
x5 for a set
(+20k x5 = 100k gp)
1 (40% P) For each point of positive ongoing damage modifier
(the strongest, melee or magic)
Bane during 6 turns
Black Agony 45 Crest of Domination
Crest of Ruse
x5 of each for a set
(+10k x5 = 50k gp)
12 (60% P) -2 to the duration of target's auras
Bane during 8 turns