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Editing the Charm Info Templates

It's basically like the jobs template. (For best viewing of this section, hit Edit)

This portion is just the header. It splits the table up into groups. {| style="font-size:11px" width=100% border=1 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=1 !width="76" |Name !width="223" |Requirements !width="122" |Information |} This big hunk o text is how the wiki knows to split things up and where to put them. You'll want to avoid messing with this. {| class="sortable" style="font-size:11px" width=100% border=1 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2 ! width=4% |   ! align=center width=1% style="background-color:#ABF6B2;font-weight:bold"| Dex ! align=center width=1% style="background-color:#ABF6B2;font-weight:bold"| Pow ! align=center width=1% style="background-color:#ABF6B2;font-weight:bold"| Int ! align=center width=1% style="background-color:#ABF6B2;font-weight:bold"| Con ! align=center width=2% style="background-color:#FFCC66;font-weight:bold"| Skill 1 ! align=center width=2% style="background-color:#FFCC66;font-weight:bold"| Skill 2 ! align=center width=2% style="background-color:#9990FF;font-weight:bold"| Rune 1 ! align=center width=2% style="background-color:#9990FF;font-weight:bold"| Rune 2 ! align=center width=2% style="background-color:#A2F3FF;font-weight:bold"| Type ! align=center width=6% style="background-color:#ADBBBB;font-weight:bold"| City Info Rows: These are used for the information about the individual charms. Typically you'll be editing these. |- {{charminfo|charminfo=[[]]|Level=|Pow=|Dex=|Int=|Con=|Skill1=|Skill2=|Rune1=|Rune2=|Type=[[|]]|City=[[[|]]}}</br> |-

Important Information Editing

  1. In the editor's brackets [[These Things]] you put the name of the charm. That will make it a link to the charm's page (if there is one). It may be easiest just to copy the name directly from the top of the charm's page.
  2. For Level, you put the level required to use the charm after the equals sign. So a lvl 23 charm would look like Level=20
  3. Runes are inputted the same way. Just put whatever the first rune is after Rune1=. If the charm has a second rune, use the Rune2= the same way. Note that Rune2 is optional (see below).
  4. Type is what type of charm it is. These are done by the color of the charm. The following are the types used:
    • Shop - (White) Charms bought through a shop - Link to the shop
    • Treasure - (Green) Dungeon charms - Link to the dungeon
    • Rare - (Blue) Dungeon charms - Link to the dungeon
    • Craft - Crafted (Yellow) charms - Link to the shop
    • Guild - Can be bought via GHP after it's built - Link to the building
    • PVP Craft - Crafts from PVP stores - Link to the proper shop
    • Epic - Epic (purple) charms - Link to Crafting location/dungeon - Note: This type overrides all others.
    • Class - (Orange) Class specific charms - Put the class name in the Editor's Brackets.
    • New Character - Only used for the three charms you have by default. - Link to Attributes
    • Event is for charms gained from an Event, or crafted in a hidden (Event) shop.
    • Other - For charms gained from Skills or Achievements. - Link to the appropriate page.
  5. When inputting this you put where it's found to the left of the | and what type it is on the right.
    • Example: Type=[[The dungeon of ARRRRRRRGgggghhhhh|Treasure]]
  6. If it can be found in multiple locations of the same type, put the other locations as a number. If it's found in multiple locations of different types, list each type.
    • Example: Type=[[That shop over there|Shop]], [[The other shop over there|2]], [[The other shop not unlike the other two|3]], Type=[[The dungeon of ARRRRRRRGgggghhhhh|Treasure]]
    • For city put the cities it's found in using the abbreviated form (see: Jobs for examples). Note that you'll have to use [[Editor's brackets|with a line]].

Sometimes Optional

Vast amounts of charms do not contain enough information to fill the secondary slots. In those case you can either leave the spot blank, or even remove that portion.

  1. Skills are the skill name (no internal link required). For the first skill use Skill1= and follow suit if it needs a second. Be sure to include the rank required, which is done as a simple R# a space away from the skill.
  2. Rune2 is the second rune on a charm (if applicable). Once again, just the name.
  3. Charms with unlisted locations (ie: new charms from a questline) should have their city temporarily listed as Secret.

Common Errors

  1. Type is red -- The page you're linking to doesn't exist. Check the spelling and make sure you're linking to the page, not what type it is. In some cases people have not made the page yet.
  2. Type is displaying where it's found, not the location -- You mixed up which side of the | you put the information on. Left is where it goes to, right is what is displayed.
  3. The entire row is now at the top of the page and isn't formatted. -- Check your editor's brackets [[ ]] you probably missed a closing bracket.
  4. The (coded) placement of the information is all over the place!
    • Example: {{charminfo|charminfo=[[Super Example 1]]|Rune1=Buff|Gold=5,951|Int=278|Level=31|Skill1=Triplet Blades|Pow=37|Skill2=Reconstruction|Type=[[Super Awesome Shop|Craft]]}}

The template will automatically sort information to the right spot. Though do try to keep it in roughly the correct order. This makes fixing any errors (or updating it when the devs change things) easier.

Suggestions, Questions, Etc

Use the talk page.

List of Info Templates

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