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Guild Action Points

  • Guilds gain action points just like players, and appear to be subject to the same diminishing returns and cap.

Guild Battle

  • A Guild must have 12+ members to send or accept a challenge.
  • Guild Battles cost the aggressor 70 Guild Action Points and the defender 50 Guild Action Points.
  • The aggressor determines the number of squads involved in the battle.
  • The defender can decline the battle request. Requests are automatically declined after 24 hours.
  • Upon challenge acceptance, the battle commences in 6 hours.
  • Sanctuary Seals can be used by both the aggressor and the defender.
  • Guild ratings are adjusted by up to 20 points and Guild Honor Points are awarded to the victor.

Guild Siege

  • A Guild must have 12+ members to initiate, or be the target of, a siege. To initiate a siege, the attacker must have the War Banner.
  • Sieges cost the aggressor 210 Guild Action Points.
  • The defender has 24 hours to prepare for the siege but cannot prevent the attack.
  • Only the defender may use seals.
  • If the siege is successful, the attacker will destroy part of the victim's building progress (if any), and pillage gold from it for its own vault. Guild ratings are adjusted by up to 40 points.
  • Gold is not lost from the vault of the defender.
  • In this mode, squads from an outnumbered guild may have to fight more than once, and they will have a cumulative HP and spirit penalty at the start of each additional battle. The first time a team is "recycled", it takes a 30% penalty to starting HP and Spirit. If they must fight again, they take a 60% penalty. A squad's third fight incurs a 90% penalty. Any squad fighting their 4th or more fight automatically forfeits the fight, giving the opposing side a free 100 points.

Scoring a Squad Fight

  • Total the levels of all the participants in a squad vs. squad battle. Multiply this by 2.5 (~4.0 if elite) to get how many points the winning squad earns.

Intersquad Training

  • Training fights cost 20 Guild Action Points, and require the Training Grounds
  • The officer selects two squads, and has them fight each other.
  • No rewards or penalties are given in these fights. They are merely for assessing the strength of your squads.


  • There Can Be Only One: Be the last character alive at the end of a battle.
  • Over My Dead Body!: Use over 70 turns of Protect in a guild battle.
  • Out of our League: Win every fight in an offensive GvG siege against a guild within 300 rating of yours.