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2010-08-10 - Added To Do List link to side navigation bar

2010-08-04 - Upgraded the mediawiki 1.15.2 -> 1.16.0. Upgraded ParserFunctions 1.1.1 -> 1.3.0. Changed default skin to vector and added usability extensions for it.

2010-05-19 - Added voting link to main navigation bar and changed the title of this section.

2010-05-11 - Disabled anonymous editing to counter our bot plague.

2010-04-03 - The wiki's underlying mediawiki portal software has been upgraded to the latest stable version (1.15.2) and the CheckUser extension has been added.

2009-02-08 - Enabled external images from You can now simply add a link to an image on the estiah site (for example to your character) and the wiki will load the image. An example:

2009-01-20 - Changed some user permissions: Well, the old sysops and admins left a very long time ago and I can use a hand keeping the site nice and tidy, so I added Smashy and Afterlife sysop rights. ~ skrit (operator)

2009-01-20 - Deleted pages marked for deletion: Holly carp! We had that much sites marked for deletion? My hand aches now! Well, anyone finds more administrative stuff around, drop me a line. ~ skrit (sysop)