Elixir of Power

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  • Alchemy
  • Base value 1800 gold
  • A glowing potion that can raise power


Usable : (1 charge)

Use Requirement : Level 40

Rewards: +1 Pow (special)

Special means it is not counted against character growth, so it remains useful even after reaching the max 900/900 value.


Crafted in: Eversweep shop Lightbreeze Alchemy Shop;

in Gaea's Dawn shop Battle Alchemist;

in Night Tear shop Kyud's Reactive Charms;

in Wildhowl shop Natural Runes;

in Zeal shop Nazzar's Dark Crafts:

Available as guild reward in: Alchemy Lab II

Reward from the Coliseum for Tier 3 winners

Building Boosters

Alchemy are the best boosters.