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Dungeons are PvE areas where you fight in consecutive battles. Each fight requires 15 Action points. A Dungeon can only be completed twice per day, because they are reset every 12 hours. If you fail a battle during the event, more attempts can be made without back tracking through previous fights. In events, you receive rare and unique charms and loots, especially from the final boss of each event.

Note: Your character's level needs to be at least the dungeon's level - 5 in order to be allowed into the dungeon.

List of Dungeons

Dungeon Name City Dungeon
Inachis Sewers Inachis 2
High Summoner's Study Eversweep 4
HolyGrace Square Aleas 4
River's Edge Inachis 5
Bunny Nesting Grounds Aleas 6
Goblin Tower Zeal 7
Cursed Forest Lumina 9
Inachis Battle Tournament Inachis 10
Thunderock Canyon Eclis 12
Rooftop Rush Zeal 14
The Rogue Colossus Aleas 15 (2 Players)
Abandoned Manor Wildhowl 15
Ghost Mine Skyrift 17
Crystal Valley Gaea's Dawn 19
The "Game" Eclis 21
Icecloud Ruins Windscar 22
Fireflies Swamp Night Tear 24
Tomb of Sheypar Eversweep 26
Escorting Chopley Lumina 28
The Summoning Altar Triland 30 (2 Players)
Frost Fortress Windscar 31
The Old Sylan Map Inachis 32
The Village of Cyneth Zeal 34
Narkel's Private Collection Draka 36
The Darkened Streets Aleas 37
Cornered Aleas 38 (3 Players)
The Underground Academy Skyrift 38
Trial of Domination Draka 40
Trial of Faith Gaea's Dawn 40
Trial of Insight Wildhowl 40
Trial of Intensity Triland 40
Trial of Leadership Night Tear 40
Trial of Perseverance Eversweep 40
Trial of Ruse Windscar 40
Trial of Salvation Aleas 40
Trial of Unity Eclis 40 (3 Players)
Temple of Tides Inachis 41
Bile, Bone and Blood Draka 42
Soul Harvester's Lab Wildhowl 42
The Will of the Living Eversweep 42 (3 Players)
A Cry of the Earth Gaea's Dawn 42 (4 Players)
A Cure Eclis 43
Last Echo of the Thunder Night Tear 43 (4 Players)
King of No Man Eversweep 44
Unearthed Horrors Lumina 44 (3 Players)
A Shudder from the Depths Wildhowl 44 (4 Players)
Revival of the Fury Draka 45 (4 Players)
Water of Life Windscar 45
Burdens of Faith Lumina 45
Statue of Illusions Night Tear 45 (3 Players)
Call of Conscience Skyrift 46
Statue of Discord Night Tear 46 (3 Players)
Hatred Aleas 47
The Murder of Prelex Zeal 47
Dark Tide Eclis 47
Statue of Lies Night Tear 47 (3 Players)
Lair of the Artificer Zeal 48
Crimson Kata Mines Triland 49
Kysin Keep Wildhowl 50