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"Deathknights are the true sword masters, their blades are imbued by terrible demonic power capable of draining the opponent's life force. Retaining your sanity in the presence of one is not an easy task, for they will shatter your very will to fight."

Class Details

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The Deathknight image
Former Mercenary, Rogue
Promotion None
Specialization Power, Dexterity, Sword
Techniques Life drain, Sap melee/magic, Spirit attack
Guild Hall Hall of Sacrifices in Eclis


To specialize in this class, player's character has to meet the following requirements.

Level 40
Class Mercenary OR Rogue
Attribute 350 Dexterity, 300 Power
Skill Remorseless (R1), Spirit Breaker (R3), Sacrifice (R1), Sap (R1), Sword (R4), Shadow (R2)
Trial Domination, Salvation

Class Charms

Death Knight Charms By Level
Name Level Required Melee Damage Drain Spirt Damage Other Effects
Deathknight Blade 40 30 (20% P) 24 Magic
Soul Feast 40 3 Heal 27 damage
Touch of Decay 40 25 (20% P) -70 to target's next melee
Death Plate 40 94 Armor
4 Willpower
Mind Cry 41 1 (Target all enemies)
-26 to target's next magic
Life Siphon 41 45 Melee
Shatter Hope 42 Destroy 6 Willpower
-41 to target's next melee and magic
Despair 43 -12 to target's melee (ongoing)
-12 to target's magic (ongoing)
Demoniac Deal 44 2 Aura: 18 Melee drain (40% P) if willpower is 0 during 5 turns
Deathknight's Crest 45 34 (20% P) 25 (80% P) Magic