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Enter the great coliseum and defy fighters from all over the world.

The Coliseum is a PvP event where contestants fight for fame and money. Coliseum battles occur every 12 hours. No AP is needed to register for the Coliseum. Each battlegroup consists of 8 players or teams.

The Coliseum is divided in three categories:

  • One on One: Show them that you're the best! - Players from the same level range battle each other from quarter-finals to final.
  • Two on Two: Pair up to combine your power. - Two-players teams challenge each other. You can join the 'Public' pool or create your own password-protected team.
  • Three on Three: It's all about teamwork! - Three-players groups battle each other. You can join the 'Public' pool or create your own password-protected team.

General Info


Obtainable achievements:

  • Better Than the Average (10 pts) - Win a 1v1 Coliseum tourney
  • The Taste of Lone Victories (10 pts) - Win 10 1v1 Coliseum tourneys
  • Master of the Battle Royale (10 pts) - Win 50 1v1 Coliseum tourneys
  • A Lone Wolf Bows to No One (10 pts) - Win 100 1v1 Coliseum tourneys

  • Watching My Friend's Back (10 pts) - Win a 2v2 Coliseum tourney
  • Trust No Other (10 pts) - Win 10 2v2 Coliseum tourneys
  • Two Towers, Unfalling (10 pts) - Win 50 2v2 Coliseum tourneys
  • Hand in Hand, Till the End of This World (10 pts) - Win 100 2v2 Coliseum tourneys

  • Looking For Group (10 pts) - Win a 3v3 Coliseum tourney
  • Every Class Has Its Role (10 pts) - Win 10 3v3 Coliseum tourneys
  • Friendship That is Harder Than Diamond (10 pts) - Win 50 3v3 Coliseum tourneys
  • Unseverable Epic Bond (10 pts) - Win 100 3v3 Coliseum tourneys


  • You need to be level 15 or above to register.
  • Players don't have to be in the same city to participate in the coliseum parties.
  • You need to choose a gear to be used before joining a party. Be careful, the party will use the actual set up at the moment when the party is proceeded, not when you signed up.
  • The party will be matched based on the highest level player (not the average)
  • You can choose the Gear that will be used in each coliseum fight, but be careful that any modification done after you register will be taken into account at the time of the fight.
  • If the Battlegroup you are assigned to does not have the required amount of players, your registration will be automatically reported to the next session.