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Charms represent "cards" and are used to build complete gears or "decks" which are then used in battles. There are three types of charms: Offensive Charms, Defensive Charms, Support Charms. Charms are color coded based on their Rarity

Each charm is associated with a rune or two, which defines some of its properties and the skills you gain when using this charm. The support runes are special as they contain many different effects with different skill gains.

Each basic vendor charm has a primary attribute, which has to be higher to be able to use the charm, and a secondary attribute, where lower value suffices. The percentage in the table below shows approximately how tilted the requirements are towards each attribute. The percentages may not directly apply to monster loots, but they still seem to have the same primary and secondary attributes. Also, requirements for dual rune charms seem to be some kind of average over the requirements for the two runes.

How To Obtain New Charms

All new accounts start with some basic charms, but one of the main objectives of the game is increasing your library of charms. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Each town has vendors for some basic charms. Obviously these aren't the best, but early on they'll get you on your feet.
  • Winning dungeon fights directly grants you new charms as part of the loot. Item drops obtained from these fights may also be used to craft other charms.
  • PvP fights give special items to trade in for charms.
  • Reaching level 20 and obtaining a class grants access to unique charm shops.
  • Sites you find while gathering may lead to a hidden shop or two.

Offensive Melee Charms

Rune Primary Secondary
Axe Pow 60% Con 40%
Sword Dex 53% Pow 47%
Mace Con 58% Int 42%
Twinblades Dex 58% Int 42%
Spear Con 55% Dex 45%
Fist Int 55% Pow 45%

Offensive Magic Charms

Rune Primary Secondary
Earth Con 58% Pow 42%
Shadow ** Pow 62% Dex 38%
Holy Int 52% Con 48%
Lightning Int 58% Dex 42%
Fire Pow 57% Int 43%
Frost Dex 60% Con 40%
Spirit* Dex 50% Pow 50%

Defensive Charms

Rune Primary Secondary

Support Charms

Rune Primary Secondary
Summon* Pow 50% Con 50%
Tech Charm dependent
Buff Charm dependent
Debuff Charm dependent, commonly requires Dex and Pow

* Spirit and Summon: These charms usually do not require as many stat points to be used. For example, the level 22 PvP weapon charms require 215 or 216 total stats to use, while the PvP Spirit and Summon charms of the same level only require 144 total.

** Shadow's stat ratio lessens at the higher levels.