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"Champions are masters of Hand to hand combat. They specialize in destroying their opponent's armor while still dealing damage. They can also speed up their allies in battle, and deliver many hits to unarmored opponents."

Class Details

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Former Mercenary, Monk
Promotion None
Specialization Power, Intellect, Fist Weapons
Techniques Break through protection, Specialist against armored opponents
Guild Hall Coliseum of Fame in Inachis


To specialize in this class, player's character has to meet the following requirements.

Level 40
Class Mercenary OR Monk
Attribute 360 Intellect, 290 Power
Skill Discipline 2, Empowerment 2, Strengthening 1, Fist Weapons 4
Trial Leadership, Perseverance

Class Charms

Champion Charms By Level
Name Level Required Melee Damage Melee Buff Armor Destruction Other Effects
Champion's Sigil 40 30 (20% P) 46 Target loses life equal to armor destroyed
Build Up 40 +12 during 8 turns Aura
Searing Fists 40 47 [Target enemy with highest Ward]
Destroy 107 Ward, Focus: 7
Black Belt 40 +23 to next 47 Armor and 47 Ward
Kiai 41 [Target All Allies]
Aura: 20% chance for an extra action during 4 turns
Vital Point 41 6 (20% P) Bane: 82 Melee (50% P) after 6 turns
Inner Burst 42 100 [Target enemy with highest Armor]
Target loses life equal to armor destroyed
Opening 43 1 Extra Action
[If target's Armor is 0] 42 Melee
Counter Force 44 +43 to next [For each melee damage modifier on target]
2 Melee
Champion's Crest 45 44 +1 maximum action before dizziness