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A charm combination (commonly Charm Combo) is a special effect that happens when two or more specific charms are used within a limited number of actions. The effect is separate from the previous charm and is affected by relevant damage modifiers. No other effects (Banes, Auras, etc) trigger on a combo event. The order in which charms are played does not matter, however some charm combos can only be triggered by multiple players.

The limited action window appears to function as a hidden curse on the player who initiated the combo, so their being stunned will use up one of your available actions to combo, as will any extra actions they take.

Combos by Level

Level Combo Charm 1 Charm 2 Charm 3 Charm 4 Actions CA Triggering[2]
20 The Blessing of Grimox Heart of Grimox Will of Grimox 6 Rank1
24 Kyud's Deflagration Kyud's Unstable Staff Fire Catalyst Rank1
24 Kyud's Poison Blast Kyud's Unstable Staff Acid Cloud Rank1
25 Kyud's Frozen Wave Kyud's Unstable Staff Ice Catalyst Rank1
25 Kyud's Staff of Ruins Kyud's Unstable Staff Shadow Catalyst Rank1
30 Sad Snowman[1] Sad Snowball Small Snowball (mob) Small Snowball (mob) Small Snowball (mob) Rank1
31 Vita Banishment Banishing Flame Stone Banishing Ice Stone 2 Rank1
31 Vita Banishment Earth Elemental Seal Sky Elemental Seal 2 Rank1
31 Vita Banishment Black Sealing Orb White Sealing Orb 2 Rank1
32 X-Strike Strike Strike 2 Rank2
35 Flame Strike Strike Flame Scabbard Rank2
35 Ice Strike Strike Ice Scabbard Rank2
42 Woeful's Inquisition Woeful's Whip Woeful's Whip Rank3
44 Flame Pillar Commander's Glory Fiery Inspiration Rank3
44 Hell Gates Sanctified Hammer Abyss Rank3
44 Ice Fissure Gravity Impact Frozen Grave Rank3
44 Judgement Blade of Betrayal Infusion of Light Rank3
44 Land's Jaws Cripple Rockslide Rank3
44 Shield Barrage Emblem of Command Emblem of Perseverance Emblem of Support Rank3
44 Thunderstrike Lightning Rod Rage Slasher Rank3
44 Ignition Oil Beam Spark Rank3
45 Bonded Blades Celestial Strike Comrade-in-Arms (mob) Rank3
45 Unbreakable Oath Blood Brothers Comrade-in-Arms (mob) Rank3
46 Sucker Punch Left Hook Right Jab Rank3
47 Arctic Shield Trailblazer Hailstorm Rank3
47 Binge on Blood Trailblazer Eater of Souls Rank3
47 Celestial Strike Strike Celestial Sword Rank3
47 Crush Hope Trailblazer Accoutrement of Misery Rank3
47 Dark Highlight Trailblazer Moonshine Rank3
47 Storm Grip Trailblazer Chaos Gloves Rank3

Note: Rank1 means that player can earn skill point toward Charm Alchemist Rank1 by triggering the specific combo, Rank2 means Rank2 or less, Rank3 means Rank3 or less


Obtainable achievements:

  • I Got An A For Chemistry (10 pts) - Use at least 3 different combos in a rated PvP fight
  • I Made a Snowman! (30 pts) - Play with the children in the second fight of the dungeon Frost Fortress