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Buildings are guild structures that afford a bonus to the guild.

Creating Buildings

A Guild Officer may start the construction on any building that has the required materials and gold in the guild Warehouse and Vault, respectively. The materials and gold will be consumed at the start of construction.

Once per day, each guild member can perform the Build action on one pending structure. The structure will then accrue 10 Building Points and the player will be awarded 2 GHP. New guild members can only start building the day after they joined, not on the same day.

Building Boosters

An item from the player's inventory may be used as a booster during the Build action and will be consumed. The use of a booster will increase the amount of Building Points accrued and will award the player Skill Points in the Building Skill based upon the booster's Base Value. Each building has a specific type of item that is the preferred booster and will increase the Skill and Building Points by more than other items of the same Base Value. The charts below describe the Skill and Building Point increases for using boosters of the preferred type.

Building Points Base Value
12 1-29
13 30-79
14 80-139
15 140-179
16 180-239
17 240-299
18 300-349
19 350-399
20 400+

Building Skill Base Value
+1 1-79
+2 80-179
+3 180-279
+4 280-399
+5 400+

Diminishing Returns

When a particular building has had the Build Action applied to it many times in the same day, the Building progress number for that building will turn from green to other colors to indicate a reduction in the number of Building Points the building will accrue for additional Build actions. The reduction will reset when Build actions reset daily.

Build Progress Color Build Point Reduction
Green 0%
Yellow 40%
Red  ???


Resources for buildings can be tracked, which makes them displayed on the internal guild main page. To track a building, charm or seal, a guild officer goes to the guild page menu -> Available option , select the appropriate category tab and hit the [Track] option. This can also be reversed with the [Untrack] option.


Obtainable achievements:

  • I Knew I'd Find a Use For This - Contribute 15 Build pts at once (10 pts)
  • Maximum Efficiency - Contribute 20 Build pts at once (10 pts)
  • Understanding the Laws of Construction - Contribute 20 Build pts at once to 5 different buildings (10 pts)
  • Mastering the Carpenter's Work - Contribute 20 Build pts at once to 10 different buildings (10 points)
  • Becoming an Earth Shaper - Contribute 20 Build pts at once to 20 different buildings (10 points)

Special Buildings

Crafting Buildings

PvP Buildings

Guild Halls

Each Guild Hall increases the maximum number of Guild members by 3

Monuments and Statues

Monuments and Statues are Repeatable Buildings that award Guild Honor Points to the Guild when completed.


The Vault contains gold donated by Guild members that will be used to build other Guild structures.

  • Vault I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X


The Vault contains items donated by Guild members that will be used to build other Guild structures.

  • Warehouse I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI


Charms and items built in the guild behave like shop charms and items (i.e. can be bought over and over again) with the difference that the price is in GHP and not gold.