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Buff charms boost a character in battle, typically increasing damage dealt, improving protections and even healing damage, sometimes (but not always) over a period of several turns or across the length of battle.

  • Note: Not all charms that provide buff effects are classified as buff charms. Several tech runes also provide buff-style effects and they can be found occasionally across all charm types.

Purge effects will eliminate active buffs on the target. Normalize effects will eliminate buffs on the target that affect damage dealt.


Use of buff charms in battle can improve both the Strengthening and Empowerment skills.


Quick List

Name Requirements Information
  Level Dex Pow Int Con Skill 1 Skill 2 Rune 1 Rune 2 Type City
Dozing Potion 16             Buff   Craft, Guild Ev
Life Tap 17   59 59       Buff   Event In
Invoke Magic Shield 18     63 71     Buff   Treasure Ga
Lesser Stoneskin Potion 18             Buff   Craft Ga
Acuity Elixir 18             Buff   Craft, Guild Ev
Bitter Heal Potion 18             Buff   Craft  
Small Fury Potion 18             Buff   Craft  
Agility Potion 20             Buff   Craft, Guild  
Fire Oil 20             Buff   Craft, Guild  
Stoneskin Potion 22             Buff   Craft, Guild  
Fury Potion 24             Buff   Craft, Guild  
Inspiring Spear 24 113     138 Spear R2   Spear Buff Treasure  
Magic Vibration 24   84 84       Buff   Treasure  
Sleep Potion 26             Buff   Craft, Guild  
Honor Seal 27             Buff   PVP Craft  
Martyrdom 27             Buff   Rare  
Pure Elixir 28             Buff   Craft, Guild  
Night Cloak 28 66     66 Quickness R1   Buff   Rare  
Manapulse Elixir 30             Buff   Craft  
Build Strength 31   199         Buff   Treasure  
Invoke Defender 32         Strengthening R1   Buff   Treasure  
Superior Acuity Elixir 32             Buff   Craft  
Release Seal 33         Strengthening R1   Buff   Rare  
Icy Winds 34 280     200 Frost R3 Strengthening R1 Frost Buff Craft  
Superior Agility Potion 34             Buff   Craft  
Superior Fire Oil 34             Buff   Craft  
Superior Stoneskin Potion 36             Buff   Craft  
Hyphine Injection 38         Strengthening R1   Buff   Rare  
Superior Fury Potion 38             Buff   Craft  
Moonlight Shoulderpads 40       240 Spellbreaker R1   Buff   Craft  
Glorious Resolve 40     197 197 Iron Will R2 Strengthening R1 Willpower Buff PVP Craft  
Perseverence 40 197     197     Buff   PVP Craft  
Build Up 40             Buff   Champion  
Glyph of Warding 41         Ward R4   Buff Ward Treasure  
Caduceus 41     348   Strengthening R2   Buff   Treasure  
Illumination 41             Buff   Rare  
Boiling Blood 42         Strengthening R3   Buff   Rare  
Appeasing Balm 42             Buff   Rare  
Blood Pact 42         Empowerment R2 Sacrifice R2 Buff   Rare  
Crimson Fury Potion 42   310     Burst R2   Buff   Craft, Guild  
Dark Heirloom 42 335 335     Spirit Breaker R4 Strengthening R2 Buff   Craft  
Energy Wave 42         Empowerment R3   Buff   Craft  
Enhancing Light 42     415 388 Holy R1 Strengthening R2 Holy Buff Treasure  
Forbidden Vitamin 42             Buff   Rare  
Jade Bracer 42             Buff   Craft  
King's Scepter 42         Strengthening R2   Buff   Rare  
Royal Decree 42       428 Empowerment R1   Debuff Buff Craft  
Arcane Torrent 43     402   Strengthening R2 Empowerment R2 Buff   Craft  
Bewilderment 43         Empowerment R2   Buff   Craft  
Fury of the Seas 43         Ward R4 Strengthening R2 Buff   Rare  
Ley Line 43         Empowerment R2   Buff   Rare  
Release Karma 43         Strengthening R2   Buff   Rare  
Blightwood Talisman 44         Empowerment R3 Spirit Breaker R5 Spirit Buff Rare  
Metal Clash 44             Spear Buff Warlord  
The Eye of Cerpathos 45         Sap R3 Spirit Breaker R3 Spirit Buff Rare  
The Iris of Cerpathos 45         Iron Will R5   Willpower Buff Rare  
Fencing 46 524 459     Sword R5   Sword Buff Treasure  
Bittersweet Magic 47     522 522 Strengthening R3   Buff   Treasure  
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