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You can place a gold bounty on any other player. The first five eligible players to defeat the target will each earn 20% of the bounty and points in their Bounty Hunter skill. Unclaimed bounties stack with new ones deposited by other players, which also resets the amount of times the bounty can be claimed. Once you obtain a high enough PvP Rating, there is a chance you will be automatically bountied (for the minimum amount) by the system.

Being bountied makes you very easy to find: You can be attacked in safe cities, and players can specifically search for bountied players on the PvP page. Your remaining bounty is shown on your character page, and whenever someone hovers over your name on the PvP page. Being bountied also carries greater risk: Losing a defense incurs a greater rating loss than usual, and potentially a reduction in maximum PvP rating. There are upsides to being bountied: Not only is it the only way to obtain Outlaw, but the increased attacks can help you level Self Defense.

To place a bounty on another player, hover over the City menu, and click "Bounty Board." Then simply select "Place a Bounty," enter the character name, search, select the character name, enter a gold amount, then click "Submit." The minimum bounty is 40 times the target's level.


  • Wanted! - Have a bounty set on your head (10 pts)
  • Chased Down Like a Dog - Have a bounty set on your head 10 times (10 pts)
  • Defying the Light and the Laws - Have a bounty set on your head 50 times (10 pts)
  • Fear My Name, Tremble at My Presence - Have a bounty set on your head 100 times (10 pts)