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  • "Every now and then, cities will put items to be auctioned off. You can also add the auction RSS to your favourite feed reader."

Auction Houses can be found in each of the cities in Estiah. The auction houses are linked; the same items appear at each auction house.

At the auction houses, approximately 16 charms and items (combined) are randomly placed up for sale to the highest bidder. Each auction is on its own timer. When the time for the auction elapses, the player with the highest bid receives the charm or item.

Most of the charms placed up for auction can also be made through crafting at various city shops. The auction house allows players to bypass the item gathering and traveling requirements to make the charms on their own.

After bidding on an item in the auction house, players can keep track of their bid on their character page. Players will receive a notice if they've been outbid (allowing them to place a new bid if there's still time) or if they've won the auction.

When an item is bid on, apparently the auction's bidding time is extended.