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"Assassins are masters of the shadows. They deal crippling blows to their weakest opponents with lightning quick precision while avoiding the wrath of their enemies' charms by melting into the darkness."

Class Details

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The Assassin image
Former Rogue, Monk
Promotion None
Specialization Dexterity, Intellect, Twin Blades
Techniques Focus on low HP target, free from being focused
Guild Hall Shelter of Silence in Night Tear


To specialize in this class, player's character has to meet the following requirements.

Level 40
Class Rogue OR Monk
Attribute 380 Dexterity, 270 Intellect
Skill Reflexes 1, Remorseless 2, Quickness 2, Tactician 2, Twin Blades 4, Cruelty 1
Trial Insight, Ruse

Class Charms

Assassin Charms By Level
Name Level Required Melee Damage Special Targeting Other Effects
Assassin's Sigil 40 49 (45% P) Vanish
Sonic Blade 40 19 (45% P) 1 Extra Action
Ambush 40 40 (80% P) Lowest HP
Assassin's Cloak 40 69 Armor, 62 Ward
Sneak Up 41 All Enemies -44 to next magic
Brutal Blow 41 78 (35% P) 2 Spirit on self
Assassinate 42 38 (45% P) Lowest HP Focus: 4
Finishing Move 43 26 (45% P) Lowest HP [If target's HP is below 50%]
59 Melee (45% P)
Flash Bomb 44 All Allies
Lowest HP
Allies: Vanish
Enemy: Bane: 20 Melee (40% P) during 3 turns
Assassin's Crest 45 58 (45% P) Aura: Vanish during 4 turns