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Action points are used to perform different tasks. You start with 240 action points, and will receive 20 action points every two hours, or 240 points per day. Once your action points exceed 300, you will start getting less and less action points. The clock will display a countdown to the next time action points are awarded. All your action points will stack over time, but cannot exceed 1200. (So make sure to play at least every five days.)

Uses for Action Points

Each city has its own Arena, where you can pick up a monster to fight against. You will be rewarded with gold and skill points if you win.

PvP fighting is only available in unsafe cities. Players battle other players. If the player who starts a battle wins, he will receive skill points like a normal arena battle, and also receive Soul Items, that can be used to craft powerfull charms in PvP shops. If the defender is victorious, he will receive skill points in Self Defense. Fighting an opponent of equal or lower level costs 10 AP. Fighting an opponent of a higher level costs 10 AP minus 1 for each level above your own (e.g. Lvl 10 vs Lvl 12 would cost the Lvl 10 eight AP to initiate a fight). The defender does not lose any AP from being challenged.

Every city has various places for gathering. However, only some types of gathering are possible in each city.

Gathering enough (or under the right circumstances) can unlock special fights with unique drops and skills to be obtained.

Dungeons are a set of PvE battles that follow a story. In dungeons you can find rare items and charms. Dungeons were the most thrilling challenges in Estiah, until the Coliseum arrived.