9th Contest

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  • Contest Start Date: January 24, 2009
  • Contest End Date: January 24, 2009
  • Contest Conditions: Guess the name of the fourth councilor.
  • Contest Prize: An additional Pet slot and 30 additional inventory slots.
  • Contest Link: 9th Contest, in all its glory

As the next patch will bring an end the plot started with "A Cry From the Earth", we thought it would be appropriate to make a small contest related to Estiah's lore.

During the Shadow Wars, Zeal was ruled by a council of four mages, each of them master of one element: Earth, Lightning, Ice and Fire. The name of three of them has already surfaced in "A Cry of the Earth", "Last Echo of the Thunder" and "A Shrudder from the Depths". The question is... what is the name of the fourth councillor?

His name is mentionned, somewhere in Estiah, in a place where even the low level players have access to. Find it, post it here, and you win this contest.

The reward will be an additionnal pet slot, and 30 extra inventory space.