25th Contest

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Shuffle Your Deck

Started October 16, 2010.

This contest once again takes place on the contest server, but with much different rules:

  • Main rule: Everyone is given "booster packs" containing 10 level 40+ charms each (6 Common, 3 Uncommon, 1 Rare/Epic):
    • Trials of Estiah: Vendor/PvP Craft/Post and Early T3 charms (8 in round 1, 7 in round 2, 6 in round 3)
    • Might of Baralas: T3 Dungeon charms (4 in round 1, 3 in round 2 and 3)
    • A Hero's Calling: Class charms and Forge epics (4 in round 1, 3 in round 2 and 3)
    • Dark Flames of Lygnus: Team-based charms (4 in round 2, 6 in round 3)
  • Characters have 800 HP and 60 Spirit
  • Using the charms obtained from the boosters, players must build a gear for 1v1 coliseum. Each character only has enough resources for 5 coliseums.
  • Anyone getting first or second obtains tokens that are used to boost stats: 2 tokens for a win, 1 for second. These are used to verify wins. Coliseum Master is obtained as normal but does nothing.
  • After one week, the charms will be wiped, new boosters will be handed out, and the 2v2 coliseum will be opened, again with 5 coliseums allowed per character. After 1 week of 2v2 coliseum, the process repeats one more time for 3v3.


  • Each player will win a prize for their best performance in a specific bracket (as shown by their stat increases from using tokens):
  • In addition, the 5 players with the best overall score will obtain a level 44 epic of their (planned) tier 3 class. The grand winner gets a custom-named charm.

25th Contest