24th Contest

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How Far Can You Go?

Started August 31, 2010. Ended October 1, 2010. This contest took place on an entirely different server, with all eligible characters reset to level 1. However, this wasn't going to be the same ol' Estiah they were used to:

  • Players started with:
    • 5000 gold
    • 20000 AP
    • Teleport scrolls (5 to safe cities, 4 to other cities, higher-level scrolls gave Horse Riding skill)
    • Special potions (+6 to one stat, -2 to all other stats, 5 in all stats required, 8 for each stat)
  • There was no daily reset, meaning no jobs, moves, or item resets. The above items were usable with no item resets.
  • No AP ticks. The starting 20000 AP was all players had.
  • No dungeon resets.
  • No class change.
  • No Coliseum, Auction Hall, or Bounty Board. Pet contests were also disabled, and raid dungeons could not be done with a public party.
  • Market rates never changed.
  • Disabled donation page. Everyone started with the Damage Meter and Notepad.

Players with less than 1200 AP at the start of the contest were eligible.


The winners are selected based on progress in five categories, with the top 3 getting prizes:

  • Adventurer: Player with the highest total stats
  • Achiever: Player with the most achievement points
  • Fighter: Player with the highest PvP rating
  • Collector: Player with the most unique charms
  • Merchant: Player with the most gold

Each winner received 30 Phoenix Feathers and a level 44 epic class charm.