16th Contest

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As usual in this time of the year, the Pumpkin celebration is performed all around estiah. However, I shall not be celebrating. Not this time.

Earlier this year, I performed what will probably be my last journey. What I found at the end of my adventure, in the deepest reaches of Windscar, far exceeded my expectations.

A prophecy.

While the Pumpkin rises over our lands,
Hints will be revealed to the faithful.
Piece by piece, the key will assemble,
But it will not, by itself, grant you peace.
Through it you must see the truth of the door,
And only then, will the gate of dreams unlock.

Sadly, I have grown too old to further pursue this treasure... but my thirst for adventures will not be quelled. I will reward handsomely the first wanderer that manage to find that treasure, and come discretely to my place to tell me his tale. I hope that fifty Phoenix Feathers in pristine condition will be enough to make up for the quest at hand.

I pray with all my heart that someone will be able to perform this task before it is too late, for if the prophecy is true... the treasure will forever fall out of our reach if it is not found by the time the pumpkin celebration ends...

Signed: Jodana
Innkeeper of "The Crystal's Scent"
Gaea's Dawn